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Young Carers - Youth Council

#WeCare: Young Carers Youth Council

Over the last 6 months the Young Carers Youth Council (YCYC) has worked hard to establish itself and clarify it's membership, remit and purpose.  The members are now confident to confirm the following statement:

'The development of a Young Carers Council is in line with the promotion of a number of other youth councils actively encouraged by NYCC to promote the Voice, Influence and Participation (VIP) of young people across North Yorkshire.  

In the establishment of our Young Carers Council, our ambition is to ensure we have an opportunity through which Scarborough and Ryedale Young Carers can:

  • Raise awareness

  • Promote and Advocate

  • Influence policy, funding and decision makers

  • Increase wider knowledge and understanding

  • Encourage listening and sharing

  • Support each other

  • Empower other Young Carers to engage'

In the first instance the Council has set some clear goals for year one (subject to funding opportunities)

  • Learn more about voice and representation - how it works and how to do it well

  • Experience and learn from established 'councils' at all levels through visits and 'interviews' (including local, regional and national government structures)

  • Develop, launch and deliver a strong #WeCare education programme, initially to school professionals and audiences.

Our ambitions are supported by the team at Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource but we recognise we will need funding to support the professionalism and ambition developing within our Youth Council's objectives.  Supported already through NYCC as one of a number of developing councils, we aim to develop a young person-led programme that may act as a template for other Young Carer Councils across North Yorkshire and/or wider. As 'users' or 'customers' of the current support systems available to us, we recognise that not all of the strategic plans have been put into place and that the dissemination of the NYCC ambitions (especially for young people in schools) needs significant reinvigorating (words inspired by our local MP in his letters to NYCC) - our ambition is to ensure we support NYCC with a bottom-up approach to helping relay key learning, understanding and accurate messages.

If you wish to learn more about the Young Carers Youth Council - either to meet the Council or to join it (if you're a Young Carer!), please contact Claire Robinson at Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource 01723 850155

Young Carer Council meet MP

Robert Goodwill was visited by the Young Carers Youth Council - his support to raise awareness will be much appreciated  - the Young Carers were brilliant and hammered home their ambition to increase the Voice, Influence and participation of Young Carers.

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